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Your OpenVZ VPS based in Hong Kong

When you choose a hosting server, you have to see all his offers. A server needs the best configuration to support website traffic and to defend you against hackers attacked. You have to verify some guard line to before engaging for a hosting.

What is the rule of hosting?

Hosting is the place of your website server. A server may be a computer like your PC at home but with a special configuration to accomplish his rule. He is serving for a storage of your website data. In a simple image to build a site, you need the best content in a page that you send into your server by PHP script. This server translate is as a virtual page that you can see online. Your website is disabled if your server is not connected, and it is too long to access when the server is full or in a bad configuration. That why your best solution to have a website available is to work with strong hosting services. That last words mean, that you have to care about the infrastructure of your company hosting, and his place. The best choice is KoDDoS host server because his datacenter is placed on Hong Kong OpenVZ VPS that you better consult your correspondent offers.

A hosting available into 24/7

Yes, this is the first benefits to adopt this hosting server, his availability to supporting their client in any moments. As in our reference, we talk about OpenVZ, this is a system like VPS but in a high level, in a simple definition OpenVZ is like RAM to your hosting server. You can also find KoDDoS local place on the Netherlands and New York. When you talk about Hong-Kong, this country has the best production energetic in the world, so your server will always be connected with his very high power. The Netherlands have the best climatic condition to take care of all materials inside the infrastructure. And New York is the center of evolution in the world with his population cosmopolite and the new generation vision.

So, what is the best configuration for your website and don’t forget to look for your budget because a new website needs 4 months to get his best traffic.

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