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What is a magento developper ?

Among the tools and supports known, there is magento. It is a platform particularly used to develop e-commerce sites. It allows companies, companies, communities or individuals to have an active and relevant online sales platform. But still, it is necessary to find the developer competent to give life to the project.

What should a good magento developer know?

A good magento developer must meet several criteria. Obviously, he must have all the knowledge and skills needed about the platform. To go through studies and internships in the field is then inescapable. Then, he needs a complete understanding of the concepts and architecture of the tool. After practices, it must have the necessary knowledge to make changes to the different native features of Magento and add own new features to adapt them to specific needs. Finally, a magento developer is a passionate, active, hard-working person capable of developing an e-commerce platform under Magento. But apart from mastering and knowledge of this platform, the developer must also know well and manage the PHP and the object-oriented tool. They are indispensable during the assembly of the project.

Description of the training that the developer must follow

The training of a magento developer is primarily based on practice to enable him to understand the architecture of this solution through various developments. It includes all aspects of magento development, from module configuration to overloading of native behaviors without forgetting database interactions and event administration. To better master the platform, the apprentice must know key elements such as best development practices, respect for standardized quality, safety and performance maximization.
Once the training is completed, practice sessions or internships are recommended to acquire more knowledge in this area. In terms of the training time required to have complete skills, it all depends on the apprentice. It is his rhythm of understanding and his way of practicing which define the time indispensable in the end. As in any other type of development, there are also juniors and seniors developing magento. It is the years of experience that determine the appellation.

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