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Php still the best language according to senior developers

It has been several years since a community of web developers has started to use only php for web development. It has always been argued that php was the best and several years later, it is still the case. If previously it had been used for dynamic site programming, currently these sites can no longer do without. This proves the effectiveness of this language because even if there are languages ​​that can have the same level of refinement, this one is unique. It can be said that he was and remains the best language.

Php, always on top

A decade ago that php exists and it took no wrinkle. The reason is simple, this language has evolved a lot over time. From its first version it could only be manipulated with precaution so it required the intervention of the most tough php developer. But the more the years come the more the technology of this language has improved. Today we are facing the seventh version which is pretty much especially version 7.1 which is great for programming. In a more theoretical way, php is a good language and since we do not change a winning team, senior developers are still in the php system. The efficiency of this language is no longer to be demonstrated even if sometimes we have seen faults, the system has always worked normally and besides the faults have been corrected by the latest version of php.

Php, always the ease

This has never been a concern for a beginner to use php, and even that is encouraged those who are passionate about Internet and development to initiate themselves to php. This language also has a wide learning resource and even developers already seasoned need to update themselves knowing that each new version brings an even more interesting change. In any case, php remains faithful to itself and always brings a facility to programmers, grants a coding in all elegance without speaking about the time saving it offers. One does not need to learn too much to understand the code but one needs the passion for php to be able to read between the lines of the codes.

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