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Magento module, customization, and maintenance services all over the world

The Magento Custom Maintenance Page Module adds functionality to the Web site, which is useful when the store owner puts the Web site under maintenance. A magento developer can then optimize the functionality of a website.

The advantage of magento maintenance

  • The Magento Custom Maintenance Page allows the e-merchant to enable / disable maintenance mode on the website.

  • Online retailers may define the fixed period of time for the maintenance mode of the website.

  • The Magento Maintenance Mode Expansion gives the owner of the online store the ability to change the appearance and usability of the maintenance page by easily changing the colors with the color picker tool, no technical knowledge is required .

  • The Magento Maintenance Page Extension allows the store administrator to add the contents of the maintenance page as desired.

  • This Magento Maintenance Page Extension allows the administrator to enable / disable the notification option. When admin activates the module, the client receives an email alert when the site is active again.

  • The administrator can customize the e-mail template as desired.

  • With the help of this Magento website maintenance extension, the store administrator can completely customize the maintenance page by modifying the background image, text color, text size and margin at the top or left.

  • The Magento maintenance page module allows the e-merchant to easily customize the discount settings of the maintenance page.

  • The store administrator can easily download the website logo with one click.

Features of the Magento Custom Maintenance Page Extension

  • Visitors do not have access to the website

  • Countdown.

  • This Magento extension provided by Knowband works for several stores.

  • It shows the personalized message.

  • Custom page title

  • Notification box for users

  • Notify customers when the website has returned from maintenance mode.

So, Magento becomes a unique player on the global market: the only one to offer a platform of e-commerce sites that can support a company at all stages of its development, with the same technology.

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