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What makes a good website in PHP

Designing a website is already a feat. Making it good is something else. Anyone who knows how to code and has the basic knowledge to put their work online can create a website. Here are the points to check if you are surfing a good or bad web page.

The flexibility of the site

A good site must above all be flexible. Many web users nowadays use other media besides a computer to browse the web. That said, a site must be able to adapt to mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. In php website development, the motto is efficiency. Efficiency includes availability. As a result, a good website should be visible on the search engines, preferably on the front page. This requires a good SEO strategy in the design of the page. Patience is a rare quality currently. A quality to locate a good site is then its loading time. As a guide, a quarter of Internet users leave a page if it loads in more than three seconds.

Interface and security

Web design is indeed an important point for the qualification of a website. It must be ergonomic. This is ahead of the styles and aesthetics of the content because, first and foremost, a user must be able to quickly find what he is looking for in the site. Today, a good website is manageable. This is rather geared towards site managers. In the logic of things evolving, you will need to have a flexible content management interface to make changes. The site must also be compatible with a large number of browsers. This is easy when you develop with PHP. This is a point to keep, because a compatible site on Chrome may not be on Torch for example. It is also necessary that the page is intelligent. In other words, the user must be able to interact with the site. Last but not least, a good site must be secure. This in order to not let any data from your site filter. It will therefore be reliable for this purpose.

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