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Rental websites, how to create a good one ?

You want to acquire your independence and develop your business as a long-term rental company. And for that, you have become aware that one of the most powerful levers is to build its own rental website.

How to create a good rental website?

The first thing to do when creating vacation rental websites is to book a domain name. Do not fall into the trap of wanting to content yourself with a free site because it is not very professional. In addition, it is more difficult to reference sites with a free domain name. Now, a free domain name is a domain name that does not belong to you. This is the reason why you should book a real domain name for your website. Choose a domain that could help you to be recognize by the search engine and the user, like "rental vacation.com", or "vacation-away.com", just think to some keyword.
Second, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Such as betting everything on an ad site. As a general rule, you should only see them as one tool among others. For you, this should only be one of the tools you will use to generate reservations. Next you need to have your own website, which will grow over time and that will bring you free reservations via the search engines. Indeed, if you have several websites, you'll get different access to appear on search engine !

Have your future tenant on the phone

Speaking directly to your prospective tenant, on the phone, shows him that you are a serious (and real) person, not a hacker or a hustler. Of course it is not always possible to have all potential tenants on the phone. But if you have time, it's worth it. The relationship will be always better wit people you can directly speak with.

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