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How to find a magento certified developer ?

Magento is the leading platform for open commerce innovation. It helps many business men to enlarge theirs affairs trough the platform. With over 240,000 businesses using Magento products (and that number is growing), it’s not surprising that Magento skills are in demand. So how to find a magento certified developer?At Magento there is an extensive Solution Partner community that can assist with implementations, but if you’re looking for a permanent independent or long-contract employee, there are few suggestions the you can be given. Many independent developers that have worked with Magento for years often attend both industry and Magento events, so this is a great way to meet developers and learn more about Magento. Developers also have a few sites online where they hang out, and I would suggest taking advantage of those sites.

The Magento Certified Developer can be defined as skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento. A Magento Certified Developer can skillfully use all business processes in Magento, such as: Structure of catalog, indexes, promotions, price generation logic Architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods, sales/order processing Advanced core knowledge, forms/grids full functionality, API, widgets, etc. A Certified Magento Developer can make design decisions on the code level, including how to parse data files, steps of import, data verification, and logging (etc.) There are several types of certification that differ according to the type of expertise within the Magento platform. For example, a Magento Solution Specialist is someone who can efficiently align business objectives with Magento functionality and optimize the use of native features, out of a deep understanding of business in general and ecommerce specifically. Customer reviews are important, but they can be deceiving. Many customers do not know how to differentiate between a medium quality site and a truly remarkable one. Then do the mistake by

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