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Why ruby on rails is better than java

To create and start a website on the website development, you need to use perfectly written languages ​​and a powerful and innovative programming system. At the base are software based on these sites. Ruby on Rails has made the "buzz" on the net since it came out. Before, it was java that was the most used by programmers. Now java migrates to Ruby, why? What makes this framework better.

Ruby and Java: Similarities and differences

Ruby and Java use a garbage collector to store memory. These are object-oriented languages. Some public and private methods are protected with both. Finally, they provide the programmer with documentation tools. RubyDoc is pretty close to JavaDoc. On the other hand, the advantage with Ruby is that the configurator does not need to complicate its codes, you just have to run them. It also features a wide range of graphic tool kits like Ruby GNOME, Fx Ruby or Wx Ruby available at rubysavvy.com/. Since Ruby is object-oriented, everything is considered as object except exceptional numbers like 2 or pi. YAML of Ruby is always preferred over Java XML. The parentheses are often optional and the name of the variables are only labels whereas for Java, they are typed labels which makes programming more complex.

Reasons to use Ruby on Rails

Java is a very mature language but often too "wordy" while Ruby is simpler, no need for multiple lines of code to execute tasks. Ruby syntax is an interpreted, elegant, clear and concise language. And it is this simplicity that allowed site developers to put together web pages in no time. Even if the two languages ​​are all object-oriented, Ruby is strongly oriented and this allows for better readability and ease of maintenance. In the context where every developer needs library, management has been made easier with Ruby. Finally, the community of Ruby is very large and active on the open source which makes it more efficient.

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