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The PHP 7 what do you think ?

All php development company have necessarily had the desire to test, to discover or try this new version of PHP. This is obviously the PHP 7. This version offers several optimized performance of the order of 100% for most applications. Its purpose is simply to improve the speed and efficiency of language if the alpha version was intended only to create an optimized kernel with refactoring the Zend engine and clean the code base. PHP also has 7 other improvements that Lean use of memory, local storage threads, the integration of an abstract syntax tree and the new syntax for variables embarking strict typing. It also eliminates the support of ereg and mysql extensions which in the latest version, posted a warning. Its performances so far exceed the expectations of developers.

PHP 7 on up to our expectations

All developers who have had the chance to work with PHP 7 have always been satisfied despite some problems stay. The two main concerns have been addressed and brought great internal consistency which is entirely necessary for users. The addition of an Abstract Syntax Tree or AST enables us to repair the worries of inconsistencies that are related to extreme cases while paving the way for certain tools such as the production of more efficient opcodes. There is also the introduction of a Uniform Variable Syntax which also solves some inconhérences like call closures assigned to properties or attachment static calls. Some semantic also changed notably the semantic when using the variable-variables / properties.

Apart from its performance which introduced several changes as phpng we can enjoy the Scalar Type Return Type Hints and not forgetting the Combined Comparison Operator, Unicode Codepoint Escape Syntax Null Coalesce Operator, on the Link Closure Call, Declaration of Group Use the Generator Return Expressions, the Delegation Generator and Engine Exceptions.

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