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Become a PHP Developer

A php developer is someone who makes sure that php scripts work correctly and can be executed successfully. These scripts are written in php, so php developers must have a thorough understanding of the language. A developer may also need to know other languages such as MySQL, HTML and CSS depending on the scope of the project they're working on. PHP developers can find work at many different types of companies including banks, e-commerce sites and software development firms.

HOw does a php developer usually work?

PHP developers usually work in an office environment. They work with other php developers, software engineers and designers to create php scripts that help run a company's website or application. PHP developers may have some creative control over their projects but typically follow the instructions of senior staff members. Most php developer jobs are full-time positions which require 40 hours per week at the office and availability during off hours for technical support issues as they arise.

Where do php developers find employment?

Php developers can find employment anywhere from small startups to large corporations such as Google, Amazon and Intel . Some companies offer flexible working schedules while others expect employees to be available on site even if there aren't any scheduled meetings or events occurring at that time. In most cases php developers are able to telecommute for a certain number of days per week depending on the type of position they hold.

How much do php developer make?

The average php developer salary is $60,000 annually . This breaks down into an hourly rate ranging from $30 - $50 per hour, depending upon experience and qualifications as well as location. PHP developers who work in larger cities tend to have higher salaries while those working in rural or less populated areas may be paid slightly below average rates.

What education level does a php developer need? In most cases, php developers must have at least some college training but many companies look favorably on applicants with degrees such as Bachelor's Degrees or Master's Degrees.

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